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Cool Campaign: @OldSpice Man hits Social Media

A couple of days ago we shared with you the latest Old Spice commercial. People have been actively following this ingenious campaign with its brilliant uber-man character and tongue in cheek humor. It has broken the mold for TV ads and now has taken audience engagement to new levels with it's latest social media escapades.

Over the last few days, Mr. Old Spice invited his numerous Twitter, Facebook and Reddit fans and followers to send him their questions. He then awarded some lucky few with personalized videos imbueing the uber-masculine ideals of Old Spice with wit and wordplay, and always topless and in a towel.

Check out Old Spice man's charm in these hilarious responses:

Old Spice Man you crack us up. Make our day and please respond to our lovely @jesscapade!


The comments to this entry are closed.


The comments to this entry are closed.

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