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The (Social) Future of Augmented Reality

Even with today's information overload, every now and then I stumble across something that makes me pause. Today that was Matthew Buckland's blog post, "The Future of Social Networking - A Concept Investigation with Augmented Reality."  This isn't the first time social augmented reality has been suggested, but his images are compelling, as is the depth to which he takes his analysis.

These visuals really got me thinking.  The general consensus is that social networking in general, and especially through the lens of augmented reality, is both exciting and terrifying.  We're at a point where privacy is becoming a thing of the past.  We're cool for now, but we're about to jump off the deep end where I know what color underwear you wore yesterday and whether or not you need to floss. It seems to me that a social network driven augmented reality platform would only make apparent what is already true about our social needs. But what do you think? Do we crave information and connection more than we need private lives?





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The comments to this entry are closed.

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