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Despicable You? Command Your Minions!

Check out Minion Dominion! This new application promoting Despicable Me, NBC Universal's new summer, soon-to-be-hit, allows users to command the little yellow minions to do their bid - by simply speaking their commands into a mic. Try telling them to play ping pong or dance or hit each other. They do it all, and even if they mess up, it's all part of the show! We also offer a text field to type in commands.

We are excited about the possibilities that voice recognition technology open up. The technology allows us to fashion interaction s not only with avatars, but with any component on the screen. Flip a page, play a video, play a game or even search a document.

For this deployment, the voice commands manipulate the minions, which are built on our 3D avatar engine. All the animations you see are compiled in real time, in flash, using our engines. these avatars can also be enslaved to our speech technologies and other APIs.

Try it out at


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The comments to this entry are closed.

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