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Cool Campaign: Battle of the Cheetos

First and foremost, we highly advise that you do not get involved unless you have a good chunk of time on your hands. The Battle of the Cheetos is an addictive interactive game, developed for Frito-Lay, which encourages users to get involved in an epic online food fight of Crunchy vs. Puffs battling for ultimate supremacy of their favourite website. 

The battlefield itself rages on eight popular websites including Mashable, Digg and Gizmodo or even allows users to compete for their own website. Players then have to pick their alliance - Crunchy or Puffs - customize their flag, name their army and then prepare for war of the cheeses. The battle itself works by clicking on each of your individual troops and directing them. All in all an afternoon of minimizing your browser as your boss walks past!

Enlist here or check out this video of the intro.


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The comments to this entry are closed.

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